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In order to make your business grow, you need a good marketing strategy. You need an image that is solid and memorable. From design all the way to printing, PDM studios can take care of you. Use the marketing checklist to help you build a marketing strategy with PDM studios. Check what your company is lacking, and weíll build the branding that you need.


Marketing Services List
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  Logo Design
Business Cards
Vehicle Stickers
Window Stickers
CD Presentations
Store Design
Campaign Idea
Marketing Check List:

Place a check next to the items you have,
and watch your grade go up.

1) Logo - an identifying mark that says "this is me." This stands for you. It is the S on Supermanís chest. Itís your symbol, and you should have one that you would wear proudly. PDM can develop your logo. We can make your stamp.
2) Identity - the complete overall look of your business. It encompasses your logo, stationery, flyers, apparel, website, color scheme. It is uniform and is what your customers expect to see when they think of you.
3) Slogan - your companyís tagline.
Something short, sweet and to the point. It needs to be strong.
4) Website - your online information
supermarket. If you donít have a
website, you donít exist. Itís your
24 hour billboard, searchable in
every country around the world.
5) Promotional items - pens, pencils,
flyers, mailers, mugs, cups, koozies, tee shirts, calendars, towels, and any other items you can put your logo on. These items are in your customerís hands with a constant reminder of your logo and services branded on them.
6) Signage - signs on your building,
vehicles, and windows that put
your logo into the publicís eye on
a day to day basis.
7) Online Commercials - online ads
and videos can create a buzz about your business, and a viral marketing campaign online can benefit greatly.

Your Marketing Grade:
[based on your checklist answers]

If youíre not happy with your grade,
and you think your business could
benefit using different methods of
marketing, donít hesitate to call. If
you feel your business could use a
complete overhaul, including a new
logo and look, we will put together
a package that will suit your needs.
Please look through our marketing
services and contact us if you are
interested, or would like to set up
an appointment.
Call us today.

  The most important thing to everyone
is different. Some say itís your image,
some focus on promotional goods.
The thing is: you never know what
works until you try doing more things
that youíre not used to. Donít stick
with the same strategy if you are
still getting the same business.
Live a little. Grow a lot.
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